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Berry 00187981f808438be822b5a9a970c71f439813f1b27cff4a011f36646c597693 Pick Mixin(s)

Pick from our list of fresh flavors to get mixed into your ice cream.

Topping ba63b83d0e2f6957a19b49fc99547a65a9f18893d8b06d3b5c20b562266faae3 Pick Topping(s)

Pick up to two(2) toppings to be packed on top of the ice cream rolls

Drizzle 9cdebea1c2b34379f6d45929f383981e66a04709eb4a5f3b82f4c3072e015004 Add Drizzle(s)

More than a cherry, add your favorite mouth watering drizzles.

New Addition to the Icy Yummy Family

Boba Smoothies

Boba 1ae657b4600f2d75941b361c8748444bed1e2cad242c4a3daa58963831297cd5

> Taro

> Honeydew

> Mocha

> GreenTea

> Mango

> Strawberry

> Raspberry

> Blueberry

> Coconut

Fruit Teas

Fruit teas 78e20590586438115acb70a844ef8160271d41498cce82bc703c47c97a716dcd

Tea Base- organic green tea and organic black tea (Freshly brew loose leaf) Choice of non-sweeten or sweeten

> Red Guava

> Peach

> Mango

> Strawberry

> Passion Fruit

> Lychee

> Pomegranate

> Organic Green Tea

> Organic Black Tea (Freshly brew loose leaf) Choice of non-sweeten or sweeten.

> Original Thai Tea (Freshly brew loose leaf)

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